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It took the management of BLOW-CHEM over a year to come out with BEL~AQUA.

Knowing the essence of water to a healthy life, we did not want to produce just ordinary bottled water; we wanted to be several steps ahead in terms of quality.

We communicated with water giants all over the world to gain a deep understanding of the most advanced water treatment technology, equipment, and bottling processes.

We flew down consultants who were ex-employees of Nestle Pure Life Water to ensure the entire plant was setup with world class standards.

We setup an entire 14 stage advanced treatment plant.

This water is processed through several stages of filtration plus ultra filtration involving a variety of membranes and physical purification treatments (microfiltration, activated carbon filters, sand filter, ultraviolet light, and ozonation).

Once it has been purified to meet very high standards, we then add natural minerals back into the water to enhance them with essential nutrients - calcium, magnesium, and bicarbonates.

So there you have it – through teamwork, extensive research, and millions of dollars in setup, Bel~Aqua Mineral Water is pure bottled water that is enhanced with natural minerals to give a crisp taste.

A refreshing water perfect for those with a healthy thirst for life!

Ready, Steady, Drink!