Management of Bel-Aqua Mineral Water wishes to educate members of the general public on healthy ways to transport and store bottled-water in order to avoid contamination in the wake of a video in circulation which is alleging algae growth in a bottle of Bel-Aqua purchased by an alleged customer.

We wish to emphasize that Bel-Aqua is produced under the strictest hygiene and health conditions supervised by the Food and Drugs Authority, which ensures that the water produced is kept whole and fresh until consumption.

However, this quality, just like any other bottled water, and by extension, any manufactured product, may be compromised if not handled properly during transportation and storage leading to post-factory contaminations like the current case in point.

The following are the main pointers to remember when transporting and storing bottled water before use;

Do not expose to sunlight

Bottled water exposed to the sun during transportation or storage is unhealthy for the consumer as it exposes the water to the BPA material used in manufacturing the bottle.

Other possible manifestations of over-exposure of bottled water to sunlight is the presence of algae. According to International Bottle Water Association (IBWA), “When water (Bottled Water) is exposed to extended periods of direct sunlight or heat sources, algae or mold may infrequently develop. Although this is not a general concern, the bottled water industry wants you to enjoy the freshest, cleanest water possible, and storing water in a cool place out of direct sunlight helps assure that.”

Prolonged exposure of bottled water to sunlight may also lead to sedimentation of minerals in the water, causing them to appear in the water as crystalized particles. This is not harmful to the consumer, though it may seem alarming.

Do not store close to chemicals or strong fragrances

Bottled-water is generally stored in plastic bottles that have pores which allow thoroughfare for chemical particles in the environment they are stored in. Therefore, bottled water must be stored in places rid of chemicals and poisonous substances that can compromise the quality of the water.

Report all cases of suspected unwholesome products to the FDA

We encourage members of the general public to report all suspected cases of unwholesome water products to the Food and Drugs Authority, as it is the right thing to do. This will help the authority investigate the underlying cause of the alleged defects.

Concerning Video in Circulation

We entreat our cherished customers and members of the general public to disregard the impression being created that water from our factory is unwholesome, and rather encourage you to purchase your favorite Bel-Aqua from vendors who uphold the right storage and transportation standards.

Finally, we encourage any individual who comes into contact of any product suspected to be unwholesome to report to the Food and Drugs Authority or call the Bel- Aqua hotlines on 0544335800 or 0544355900 for appropriate action to be taken.


Head of Communications

Blow Chem Industries Limited

Emmanuel Quist


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