This is how Bel-Aqua is filtered- 14 stages of treatment unlike the standard water treatment of 4 -6 stages!

You can scroll through the process

Precipitation tank (politank dosing system from raw water source) Automatic multimedia filter (removes > 5 microns particles in size) Automatic activated carbon filter (removes vapors and odors which may be present within the air/gas flow) Reversed Osmosis system (a separation technology to remove dissolved impurities from water through semi-permeable membranes) 5 Micron microfiltration system Activated softner x2 PH adjuster filter + calcite stones (adjustment of the PH levels to neutralize the water in cas of high acidity) PH metering + UV circulation system (bacterias lose their reproductive capability and are destroyed) Food grade activated carbon filter (removes > 0.1 microns particles if any is still present) UV disteller system 1 Micron filtration system Remineral system (RO water passes through these energy stones to re-gain the lost minerals naturally) 0.2 micron filtration system O3 ozone system (oxidizing agent which is toxic to most water born organisms)